Saturday, January 31

Prime Time w/ Lil Wayne

Airing Tuesday, Feb.4 Katie Couric will be interviewing Lil Wayne as a part of a Grammy special on CBS.

"Music is Anutter form of news....." This nigga is crazy, definitely a must see interview. And does this nigga have the Marilyn Monroe piercing? Ok Dwayne minus the D.

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Friday, January 30

RETRO-Nike Air Griffey Max 1

These are retarded!! I'll be sliding right into a Home Run adding these kicks to my collection. The color combination is rediculous, eventhough its long overdue the Seattle Mariners colors hit the spot. Of Course I gotta get the matcing baseball fitted to complete the look. Photos will be posted when this outfit is completed and executed.

Good Looking

Ain't Nothing Like a Brooklyn Girl

I had sexually relations with this girl from brooklyn!!!.... Just reminiscing Lol

Charles Hamilton-Brooklyn Girl

Aaliyah Movie in the Works???? .... Long Due

Keshia Chante, a Canadian R&B singer is prospected to play the great Aaliyah in the biopic of her life. She definitely resembles her a lot. I'm sure this movie will be just as great as the Aaliyah herself. She was so graceful as an artist and definitely going to be a major pop icon. If Aaliyah were still here I could bet 1 million dollars Beyonce wouldn't have had such a strong solo career. (Just my opinion). She was just about to blow our minds away.....R.I.P Aaliyah

Yall might remember her from this song she had out a couple years back:

Keshia Chante-Bad Boy

Good Looking

Oscar Nominee....Taraji P. Henson

I Love this woman. I have been following her career since she played alongside Tyrese as his dramatic BabyMama in the movie "Baby Boy" produced by John Singelton. Her career has sky rocketed since then and I'm glad she has been nominated for her role as Quinny in one of my favorite movies to date "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

Here are a few pics of her Oscar Nomination Party:

Thursday, January 29

Jazmine Sullivan- Lion,Tigers,and Bears

Now I've been feeling this song for a minute but damn can they give my girl a break at the label? It seems like every since her "I need you bad" video the label has'nt been kicking out the funds to give this ultimately talented artist the videos she deserves. In "Bust your windows" she didn't even bust not one window lol. How cheap is that? Honestly I just think they're afraid of how powereful she can become. I've seen her perform live at the BET Inaugaration Celebration in DC and she definitely deserved all the fame she can get.

Shorty Can get it!!!....Holly Marie

Supposedly this beauty goes out with Terrance from 106 and Park. Lmao, I'll believe it when I see it. I've got nothing but respect for the dude, he's definitely pulling his own landing 106 & park as a gig and all but he's just real cornballish to me lol although he's gotten real better over the years. But back to shorty, shes the truth. Damn!!!! these pics make you wanna just ......let me stop ENJOY!!!!

What the Fuck??????

So... my cousin sends me a email telling me to add this English man to my blog lol. First off I dont even know why this guy haves on tights but obviously he's trying to make a statement!! Just had to share that with you. By the way, I had a couple of drinks and some hookah so im some kind of gone right now but I'm still in my right mind I think.

Parents Get it Popping!!!! Lmfao

The Last House on The Left ....In Theaters March 13th

While Watching the previews to "The Unborn" the other day they played this trailer. At first I thought it was just another lame ass jeepers creeper type movie till them parents saw thier daughter at the door all fucked up lol...... All types of crazy goes down in that house, the parentals flipted the script on they a$$es. Hope the movie is as good as the trailer cause they getting all of my 9 dollars to see this. $10+student discount= $9..... I need that dollar ..I be flashing that ID like its a Black card when I hit Atlantic Station LOL.

Wednesday, January 28

Coming Soon..... PowerMat

They're Jumping out the window with this one!!!! Simply place any device on a mat and charge??? What?? I even had to question this one (and I'm one of those people that thinks anything is possible). But its true, this new innovative device allows for all those retarded ass charges to be thrown out. Can't Wait. Definitely on the top of my tech list.

The PowerMat will be available in the Fall of 2009.

Fuck!!! They're @ it Again........ BBC Releases

These hoodies have that slight sophistication but also that b-boy stance to go along with it. If your a BBCrack head then these must become part of your addiction. Just remember who gave you ur fix!!! Lol