Friday, February 27

Kanye's Joint is on Point!! & A Jump/Lesbian

Amber Rose in BreakOut

"I love to be on my back so I can look into my mans eyes while he's stroking me." ~Her Words Not mine

Video: Bow Wow- You Can Get It All

Wednesday, February 25

She Sure Ain't No SlumDog

Frieda Pinto poses for Complex Magazine

Pinto is an Indian Model and main actress in the 8 Oscar Winning Film Slumdog Millionaire. The movie definitely was a major hit. Although the best parts of the movie was when the kids were playing in, she did her thang too. If you havent seen it, Go SEE IT. This definitely isn't the last time your gonna see this beauty though, trust and believe she gonna be in every next indian movie there is to

Stage is Mean!!

Kanye West Does Storytellers

Kanye West's performance of his old hit "Stronger" was on point. This clip is from his Storytellers VH1 Special which is airing on February 28th on of course VH1. Kanye really is it right now. I finally got my hands on his Detail Magazine issue and I was very impressed by his article in it. Hands down I fucks with Kanye & this segment is gonna be MEAN!!!

Thursday, February 19

I ain't think it was this serious!!! Rihanna Abuse Pictures

Yo !! If this is the real picture and not a photoshoped picture, then CHRIS BROWN ODED!! I really want to know what happened for him to put the beats on her like that Damn!! At first when I first heard about the beef I just thought it was a scuffle and the media was making to big of a deal out the situation. Obviously It was bigger than what I thought considering this latest photo. She was such a beatiful girl I hope her face recouperates and she gets back in the game soon.

Pic Courtesy of TMZ

Wednesday, February 18

A "Generation Lost" - B.O.B

A Very Truthful video. The lyrics in this song pierce your mind and make you listen and think about what is being said. I guess that was he was going for by not putting to much glamour or gimmicks into the video. Just a plain black and white video set in a hitchhiker theme with POWERFUL LYRICS.

Drake-So Far Gone Mixtape

Drake "the artist" not the "actor" (lol) Mixtape is sick. His songs are definitely on heavy rotation on my Iphone. My favorite track is "Successful" feat Lil Wayne and Trey Songz. This Song is truthful to my calling on this earth, TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!!

Download Here

Pic Courtesy of

Tuesday, February 17

T.I & Justin Timberlake- "Dead and Gone"

I'm really feeling this video. It has that undercoated attention to it. A smooth truthful song just with the right artist to deliver it to us. I applaud the director it was shot beautifully.

Details on Kanye

Details magazine has once again graced their cover with another influential artist. Kanye West. Recently Mr. West has been a very influential person within fashion, although he has always been, he has reached new heights recently. With his new line of shoes for Louis Vuitton and his very o so fly fashion crew gracing the street of Paree', he's pretty major right now. Kanye also has launched a new video for his "Welcome to Heartbreak" song on his LP 808 and Heartbreaks.

"Welcome to Heartbreaks" by Kanye

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 12

Harlem Heights...... "Our own Hills"

One of my friends told me about this show a couple of months back. Telling me that they were currently taping it in the area. Being from Harlem it's only right to promote our own. Also one of the cast members, Christian, is a graduate of Morehouse College, So you know i got to support my brother. From the previews it looks like it just might be a hit show. It's nothing like that cloudy ass, lame ass show Baldwin Hills. It seems like they wanted to come correct and did. Hopefully I stand correct once the show airs on Monday, March 2nd at 10pm on BET. Also in the cast is Kanye's Ex-girl Brooke, lets see how many times she drops his name.

Wednesday, February 11

Arise Magazine

Arise Magazine is the first global magazine dedicated to achievements in Africa fashion, music, culture, and polity. Covering the Magazine is "The baddest bitch in America" Naomi Campbell, Liya Kedebe, and Alek Wek. This magazine is long overdue. It should have been a magazine like this. I guess its called for now since the Black Vogue issue came out. Either way I'm gonna be a follower. Haven't yet subscribe to the issues but asoon as I can you better bet I will.

The Issue:

Nena Is that You? (lol)

Tyson " the first black male supermodel" (whatever) is also featured in the issue. I dont know why they concentrate on him so much cause he ain't even do much as far as being "super" but I guess he was the first to do it.

New Ralph Lauren 09"

Sherling... Mean!!!

Morehouse Style

My Style

Monday, February 9

Its a stick up,stick up, I need them BAGS or that money!!!!

Y-3 Spring/Summer 2009 “Beach” Luggage Collection


I'm starting off the week with some of my favorite things to buy. I'm not giving all the details because just like I said, "MY" favorite things to buy. I wouldn't be Youngpoptagz if everybody was walking around rocking the same shit as me, now would I. LOL. Just take a look and tell me what you thing. All though it doesn't matter cause I fuck with these clothes and this is my blog so MY WORD IS LAW

Adidas, Wesc, IM KING,Colette x Visvim, , Clae, Yves Saint Laurent, Terriyaki Boys x Bapes, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford.

Sunday, February 8

Art Nouveau Artist....Corrine Stevie

Art Nouveau Magazine's 1st Year Aniversary Party went down this weekend & at the party were displays of art by Corrine Stevie. She aslo designed the flyer that was also crazy dope and different. Here's the flyer and a few other pieces of hers:

Corrine Stevie Blog

Saturday, February 7

In a ALIFE State of Mind.... New G- Shock Watch

Launched today is the new Casio x Alife watch, Limited to Hundred pieces at all Alife Flagship stores. Wish I was home to cop one cause it damn sure ain't no Flagship stores in the A. Matter of fact I should make a call, see If someone wanna scoop me up one back up north.

Thursday, February 5

Great Movie: PUSH ...Coming to theaters soon.

PUSH Preview: Sundance Film Festival

Staring in this movie is Mo’Nique, Mariah Carey, Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe (the main character), and Paula Patton. The movie is based of the novel by Sapphire. My aunt Levette read this book years ago when it came out and urged me to read it but i didn't. She said it was a very moving book and that It was a must read. The book is based on a illiterate young teenage girl that has been abused by her mother and raped and impregnated by her father two times. Just from the previews you know this movie is going to be good and is going to receive high praise in the critics eyes. When this movie hits theaters I will definitely be taking my aunt out to see it. She will enjoy it and so will the rest of the world.

"Flyer than the rest of them, still got my NIKE BOOTS"

Nike Labeled ACG's with a AirMax Twist.

Cheaper than your average ACG priced @ $112.

Bake My CupCake....New Arrivals From Johnny Cupcakes & Release of "Bakers Dozens" Line

Even though Johnny won't be available to me in New York, I've still grown fond of this label. I like the whole style of the label. The bright colors mixed with the common quotes along with the modest pricing. The whole stussy/hundreds attire is getting old. Time to give a new new kid on the block a try. Got the Munchies?? Grab a Cupcake!! lol

Johnny Cupcakes Releases the 1st of the Bakers Dozen Tees that will be available exclusively in Boston and Los Angeles

Once a month Johnny Cupcakes will be randomly releasing a t-shirt from The Bakers Dozen Collection. Each month will feature a different t-shirt design, numbered up to 130 and available in-stores only.

This limited edition, numbered, first ever Bakers Dozen t-shirt design, drops ONLY in LA + Boston Today!!

Also Exclusive to Boston & L.A locations

New T-Shirts available via Johnny Cupcakes